So Badly

You know how the darkest of days just won’t stop from pouring on more and more of its awful hours? Some more reasons, some more worries.. I don’t even know where to begin anymore — something a good book would usually fix, but even the energy to open one is non-existent.

In the deafening silence of these walls, and the blinding darkness of the spaces that fill the gaps of air, I wish and desperately beg for this one thing I’d give anything to have.


1 week ago

No room for tears and regrets. You’re still our number one! 💚 #ARAmazing (at SM MALL OF ASIA)

4 months ago

Happy 6th

In my head, everything is still so vivid and clear that I can almost attest through every detail of what seemed to be, no matter how painful, my favorite past.

A quarter past midnight when I found myself gathering all the air I could possibly take in just so I’d cease any chances of awakening my mother, who, back then, was battling cancer. I was a 16-year old girl lost in the midst of finding myself, accepting my mother’s condition, and losing the first guy I’ve ever truly loved.

Let me talk about the latter.

I was a wreck. I was a teenager who, despite of struggling through my first months in college, tried to keep herself intact. But there were times I shut down, too. I remember the first time I saw him with some other girl, I broke down in front of these people who barely knew me (who, by the way, happened to be the best people in my life right now). I shattered down to millions and millions of irrelevant pieces. I’ve done things never in my life have I thought was inside my tiny box of capabilities. But despite of my lost of interest in life, I stood up, exposed myself to films of pain, and battled my way out of misery. And with all blissful gratitude, I came out stronger, wiser, and incomparably better. Thank God.

I went on with my life, just like any sane woman would. I strived to be better, not in revenge of, but as a way to re-gain what I’ve lost through the course of loving someone so much. I grew to be hard on myself as if it’s an everyday thing to do. I worked day and night to get good marks, smothered caffeine like it’s water to keep my rank, spent every minute of my weekends training to be the dancer I’ve always dreamed to be only to find myself crying at night as my bones and muscles ache whenever I realize that I can’t, that I might never will.

But it’s crazy, you know? How in the middle of all the things I’ve went through (most likely all because of him), he remained my little pixie dust of hope. There are days he’d randomly send me messages that would easily turn a bad day around. There are days, too, that he’d come up to me late at night and confess everything he has in his heart - guilt, love, and everything in between. I’ve always asked God, even if I know it’s not a right thing to do, why did we have to go through a lot of things apart when all we wanted to do was stay together. But then time went by and I’ve learned how to plot my little ways of coping, and somewhere along the way, I’ve learned how to finally accept things. After all, he’s the love of my life, and how lucky am I to even have that chance.

Fast forward to 3 years after, a year back from today, everything seemed to be in their righteous place on that day he saw me playing ball. He was stunned on my ability to shoot some considerable hoops when he never thought I can. He congratulated me for the win, and from that day on, he never left.

It has been a year. Holysmokes, I can’t even grasp the fact. It feels like it was just yesterday when I felt butterflies exploding out of my whole being when he told me he still loved me, that he always did. If it was some other guy, I’d jump into conclusion that he’s just another ass trying to win a girl after literally and figuratively destroying her. But it’s him. I felt it. We were apart, but I felt him. Beautiful, isn’t? To learn to love in silence, and recognize love without words. It was there. It might not be acceptable to the eyes of some, but it was there all along - alive and breathing.

Today marks our 6th month in the relationship. It was not an easy ride, but it was indeed worthwhile. I am probably the worst person to love. My overly opinionated self always got something to say and almost always leads to an argument. But you know how I know I got it good with this guy? It’s him giving up the fight every single time to let me win. Yes, I frustrate him. He tells me straight out when I do, but there was never a time he never found his arms around me telling me that he loves me.  We’ve spent few nights crying our hearts out of how our dreams are so big they scare us. We’ve carefully built our future in our heads, detail by detail and full of love. If things don’t go our way, what tragedy would it be?

Love, happy happy 6th month! You have changed my life the first time you told me you loved me. You’ve got no idea how I appreciate you not letting a day go by without kissing and bugging (which I like so much) me. Thank you for always putting me first, for making me feel like I matter the most every single day of our lives together. Thank you for balancing my strengths and for keeping my feet on the ground. But mostly, I thank you for being here with me today. That even if I’m the craziest, most irrational, and brattiest girlfriend in the world, you still think I’m nothing short of perfect. You are my miracle.

I love you.

11 months ago

10 Things I’ve Learned From The Hospital

1 year ago


I am indecisive, tactless and out of my mind. I burst out at flat seconds and pick up fights over the silliest of things leaving you frustrated and anxious, thereof. On those random unwanted nights when my cold-hearted self seems to dominate, please know that I, too, hurt with you.

Love, I’m a woman, a crazy woman at that, but thank you for the unbelievable patience and understanding you never cease to give. We spend afternoons talking about the casualties the future may bring, but I’m glad we always end up resting in the fact that we are in this together. We have a long, bumpy road ahead of us and no matter how profound the challenges life may bring, your love will always carry me through. You and I, we are and will always be, despite of our differences, a team.

I love you, Nathaniel.

1 year ago

This is what happens when you have a boyfriend who treats you like you’re nothing short of beautiful. I think I can go bald and he’d still think I’m a goddess.

1 year ago

It’s the second day of the year yet I still don’t feel like it. 2012 went by so fast and I don’t think I’m glad it’s over, I actually am in a state of melancholy for I have to say it was the best year of my life to date. Too many things happened, some were good and some were bad - but mostly, things happened for the best. If someday I’d decide to write a book about my life, I’d probably be going back to 2012 thrice as much as I would than to the years before it. The blessings were overflowing all year round. They were so big and so vague that up to this day, I still have no idea what I’ve done to deserve each of them.

I can’t say I’m ready for 2013 because I don’t think I will ever be prepared for the unknown, all I know is I’ll take each moment as it comes. :)

Happy 2013 everyone!

1 year ago

HK photos

Some of the photos from my sister’s camera

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“um actually it’s *you’re” said the 14 year old white girl smugly as she smiled to herself knowing that she had won the argument by default with her superior grammar skills alone

And another one with my love Queen C <3

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Green hair don’t care

In my pathetic attempt to color my blonde hair with black violet cellophane…


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Family Weekend


And as usual, always the one who sleeps first..


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Some weather lovin’

Just got home from a really tough day in school and I’m sitting here wondering why I’m even giving in to my mind’s attempt to ransack my dashboard when I have a stack of books and handouts waiting for me.  Oh well, I guess an hour wouldn’t hurt. 

And oh, hope you guys are enjoying this cray cray weather like me! Stay safe tho! KBYE.

— OH WAIT NO! Can I just share something? We’re dissecting a cadaver tomorrow! Yep, a real human being! Wish me luck!!

2 years ago

Ara Galang

1. Anonymous asked: Uhmmm Hi,What is ate ara’s favorite song? Cause I really idolize her. :)

She likes a lot of songs, but she’s into Maroon 5 right now. :)

2. Anonymous asked: The on you wrote abouut Ate Vic/ Ara is really touchy <33 I love it Hahahaha :)) And it made me more love her. Thankyou for writing that one because I know more about ate Ara :)

Welcome. :)

3. abhielovesara10 asked: hi :’) i’m a big fan of Ara. i was just inspired dun sa post mo. naprove ko un after meeting her sa Eagle Ridge here at gen. trias cavite. just hoping na makarating sa knya na i’m really a true fan of hers and not just a fan but i really love her like you people do. althought di nya ko kilala. abhie vallejos nga po pla nagmamahal at sumusuporta kay Ara :’)

I bet she knows by now. :) Thank you for supporting her!

4. ohlalalalovenixx asked: I’m happy that I was able to know something more about Ara Galang. Thank you for sharing this. For sure a lot of her fans (including me) definitely appreciate this and they will continue to support Ara:)

Yes please do continue supporting her, it means a lot to us. Thank you!

5. Anonymous asked: THANK YOU SO MUCH:) for sharing the story behind ARA GALANG i really love you’re blog^^

Welcome and thank you. :)

6. Anonymous asked: hello po :) bakit po walang twitter si Ara Galang?

I think I’m a little too late to answer this but for what it’s worth, she does have one already and it’s @VSGalang. 


To everyone else who messaged, thank you so much for all the appreciation! Sorry I can’t post and reply to everything because I have a sucky exam tomorrow and I have to start studying. Toodles!

2 years ago

After dancing for the Laus Auto Group back in December.

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